Visual Elements: UGArden styleguide & one-pager

I developed the style guide and one pager for my Capstone project. Below are samples for each.

The colors used in the style guide are colors the garden already uses (Dusty Green, Muted Brown, Cloud, and Charcoal) or come from important parts of the garden. Paper Bag is the color of the brown bags the teas come in, and Rose, Echinacea, and Tulsi are all important herbs found in the herbal products. Developing the style guide was fulfilling because the colors =, in particular, held a deeper meaning at the garden. Not only are they aesthetically appealing, but they provide an important talking point.

Created for print, I used the styleguide to make a one pager to give to our booth guests. I chose the image of the bumblebee on a tulsi flower to illustrate the essence of UGArden Herbs. This page gives a clean and illustrated summation of our Capstone work.