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The Working Part of a Working Holiday: 6 Month Update

Hi everyone! Can you believe it’s been 6 months since I began this adventure?! It’s been a wild ride but I’m having a blast! I’ve had a variety of jobs in Australia. I worked in a restaurant, a hostel, checked people into a cruise ship, and in the Fremantle markets for a plant boutique. By […]


Ten Pros and Cons of Solo Travel

For some people, solo travel sounds scary, unthinkable, and at times-impossible, even insane. Especially as a young 24-year-old woman. It’s risky, gutsy, some say dangerous, and some may think lonely. But hello! We live in the 21st century! I got sick of waiting for someone who had the funds, time, and desire to go on […]


Fourth of July Banana Pudding

The fourth of July: a day best celebrated while floating down the Chattahoochee River, eating watermelon, risking third-degree burns from sparklers, and watching fireworks with your loved ones. On the fourth, we celebrate the USA’s independence from Great Britain and Congress’ approval of the Declaration of Independence. To commemorate Independence day, I decided to make […]


Exmouth Road Trip, Part II: Kalbarri to Monkey Mia

Hello and welcome to part 2 of my Exmouth adventure! It’s getting cold and rainy here in Perth and I’m wishing I had a warm coat and rain jacket. Australia does get cold, y’all. In this post, I revisited Kalbarri, Shell Beach, and Monkey Mia. Enjoy! Kalbarri National Park I didn’t really feel like I […]


Exmouth Road Trip, part I: Perth to Port Gregory

From April 6-14, I embarked on my first Aussie road trip up north and found warmer temperatures, heaps of native animals, and new friends. Our final destination was Exmouth, which is 1,247km from Perth (about 775 miles) away. We made several stops along the way. In this post, I’ve written about the Lancelin dunes, The Pinnacles Desert, and Port Gregory Pink Lake.


Packing for a year abroad

How exactly do you pack for a year? Very, very carefully. Start this early, and make sure you have a list ready! Here are some of the things I’ve learned about packing so far.


A day at Rottnest Island (AKA the land of smiling quokkas)

Whenever someone asks me “Why Perth?” instead of the major east coast cities (Melbourne, Sydney, Cairns, etc…) I tell them about Rottnest Island. When moving to Australia on a Working Holiday was still just a little idea rolling around in my brain (an idea I never actually thought would come to fruition), I saw a […]


Review: 35 hours of travel

Until today, the longest flight I’d ever been on was from Atlanta to Los Angeles (4 hours), which pales in comparison to the 35 hour trek I just survived. Flying with Virgin Australia was a good experience, but I’m not in a rush to fly like that ever again! ATL – LAX The day started […]


Today’s the Day!

Right now, I’m at LAX with about 3 hours left until my plane leaves for Melbourne (and then Perth.) Leaving Atlanta was waaay harder than I imagined. I suddenly couldn’t keep the tears from my eyes as I waved “bye for now” to my mom and dad and got in the TSA line. I’m so […]