Exmouth Road Trip, part I: Perth to Port Gregory

Long time, no posts! Sorry about that, y’all. I haven’t had much to update you guys on. I’ve been working at my hostel which is a sweet gig. Next week, I’m joining a family in Cottlesloe as a live-in au pair which I’m excited about!

BUT I got back to Perth from a 9-day road trip a few days ago and I have so much to tell you about Western Australia!

From April 6-14, I embarked on my first Aussie road trip up north and found warmer temperatures, heaps of native animals, and new friends. Our final destination was Exmouth, which is 1,247km from Perth (about 775 miles.)

We made several stops along the way. In this post, I’ve written about the Lancelin Dunes, The Pinnacles Desert, and Port Gregory Pink Lake.

My bullet journal was a lot of fun to update each day. I’ve transcribed all of the entries in itallics.

Lancelin Sand Dunes

The dunez

Just a stone’s throw from Perth (one hour and 30 minutes drive) lies the powdery white sand dunes known as the Lancelin dunes. This place is a great, inexpensive day trip for Perthians with a car. There are shops nearby to rent sandboards, and the dunes are a popular spot for 4-wheelers, dirtbikes, and AWD vehicles. Sandboarding is so much fun!!

Our first stop. The dunes were absolutely beautiful! The sand was so white and powdery and the dunes were HUGE! We rented sandboards and slid down the steep slopes, the heights were intimidating so we sat on the boards instead of standing. Wearing goggles is a must! Sand in your eyes is no fun.

Cost: Free entry, $15 sandboard rental

Kilometers from Perth: 128 km

The Pinnacles Desert

Close to Lancelin is the Pinnacles desert. It’s located in Nambung National Park and is one of Western Australia’s most popular tourist destinations. The tall limestone formations were created nearly 30,000 years ago after the Indian Ocean receded and essentially left behind lime-rich sands that formed the dunes that would eventually become known as the Pinnacles. How, exactly this happened? There are three major theories.

Our final stop. I’d really wanted the see the desert for so long but was a little bit underwhelmed to be honest. They just looked like large rocks in the desert. Glad I saw them, but it’s absolutely not worth the $159 tour some travel agencies sell.

Cost: $12

Kilometers from Perth: 191 km

**Author’s note: This was actually our last stop on the way back, but it’s very close to Lancelin so I grouped them together :)**

Hutt Lagoon Pink Lake at Port Gregory

Hutt Lagoon is almost 6 hours away from Perth and is definitely worth a stop. Technically there are four pink lakes in Australia, and the lagoon is considered an inlet rather than a lake. A carotenoid-producing algae called Dunaliella salina is responsible for the pink hue. The lake was definitely pink, but not the same shade of bubblegum that tourist websites would lead you to believe. I would say it was closer to a salmon color. Also beware of the mud (see above photo.)

We just went to one of the pink lakes and it was beautiful! We didn’t stop for long but it was enough time for me to sink into mud in my boots ☹️Currently on the way to the campsite where we’ll set up/clean my boots before Kalbarri.

Maybe Ariana Grande should come here to shoot her next music video?.

Cost: Free (ruined shoes not included)

Kilometers from Perth: 512 km

I went on the trip with Camp Out Tours with a group of 7, led by Charlie who also runs the fabulous Shiralee & Wickham Retreat hostels in Perth. This post isn’t sponsored, but Camp Out Tours is definitely a good option and offers the most bang for your buck. Another plus of going with Charlie is his superb skill on the barbie, we couldn’t get enough potato wedges!

I recorded footage of some of the trip’s highlights, but that’ll come in Part II or III πŸ™‚

Your Georgia peach down under,

Christina πŸ‘