Music for Travel

Creating your travel entertainment arsenal should not be a chore taken lightly. Books, work, podcasts, movies, TV shows, and music will make your journey much easier, and make that time spent in airports, planes, and cars go by faster. Here are my picks for music!

Side note: If you’re using Spotify, be sure that the “Download” slider is marked if you’ll be away from wifi during your travels!

Marconi Union – Weightless

If you have travel anxiety, this six-part album is a perfect choice. The ambient tracks were created alongside music therapists to reduce stress, and there’s even a 10-hour version available. Perfect sleepy sounds for a loud airplane cabin! Just don’t listen to this if you’re driving, it’s so soothing it could cause you to fall asleep.

Its carefully arranged harmonies, rhythms, and bass lines help slow a listener’s heart rate, reduce blood pressure and lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Melanie Curtin

Ariana Grande – Thank u, Next (country, please!)

Set to release on February 8, exactly 11 days before my plane takes off. You can bet this album will be on repeat from packing in my bedroom all the way to Australia.

Let’s just go ahead and change those “7 rings” lyrics to “Happiness is the same price as a plane ticket.”

TOKiMONSTA – Lune Rouge

If you need some dramatic tracks to stare out of the tiny airplane window and pretend you’re in a movie, this is it. TOKiMONSTA, a Los Angeles-based DJ and producer released this album in 2017 after battling Moyamoma, a rare brain disease that temporarily left her unable to hear music and communicate.

The Internet – Entire Discography

Have you ever loved an artist, and later stumbled upon a treasure trove of their work you’d never heard? That’s what happened here. I’ve been a Syd fan for a few years and 2017’s “Fin” became one of my favorite albums. I was surprised when I listened to The Internet for the first time and realized Syd was also the front-person for the band.

The Internet’s entire discography (4 albums so far) is incredible. Honestly, there’s not a bad track. Each has its own unique sound and features artists like Kaytranada, Janelle MonΓ‘e, and Mac Miller. The band is solidly R&B and has a 90s flair without the cheesiness. Syd’s vocals and lyricism are absolutely beautiful, perfect for daydreaming.

If I had to pick a favorite album, I would list either 2018’s “Hive Mind” or 2016’s “Ego Death.” But each is worth a listen, there’s not a wrong choice!

SZA – Ctrl + Z

As I patiently await SZA’s next album, I’ll continue cycling between Ctrl and Z, both musical masterpieces. “Sweet November” is another excellent song to stare out of a window to, trust me.

Miley Cyrus – Younger Now

When I learned of Cyrus’ charity work for LGBTQ youth and her outlook and generosity after losing her home in the 2018 Malibu fires, I realized I’d completely misjudged her after her bizarre and problematic foray into hip hopΒ inΒ 2013. She’s a genuinely amazing person with a huge heart. On “Younger Now,” Miley manages to combine pop and country into something fresh.

“Thinkin'” and “Love Someone” are my favorite tracks, but the whole thing bops, tbh.