Youtube, I love you.

You can learn anything from YouTube. You can learn how to achieve the perfect smoky eye, how to use pretty much any program in the Adobe suite, and you can learn how to travel the world. Here are some of my favorite videos. 

Your Guide To An Australian Working Holiday Visa

Check out this video from Mollie Bylett of Where’s Mollie? and Christianne Risman of Backpacking Bananas. They’re both from England, where the Australia WHV laws are a bit different than in the United States, so be sure to double check the requirements for your home country.  

Check out their other videos if you need a dose of travel inspiration!

ROTTNEST ISLAND – How to Make the Most of your Day Trip from Perth

Another favorite from Backpacking Bananas! Rottnest Island (specifically the quakkas) is what drew me to Perth in the first place. This video gives a tour of Christianne’s favorite stops and will be a great guide for my trip to Rottnest. 


DamonAndJo were the first travel bloggers I came across that really made my daydream become something that felt tangible. They haven’t yet been to Australia, but their videos touch on all things travel and life related. This video offers tips and advice for staying in hostels. They also have a website, shutupandgo.travelthat I reccomend for all travel-lovers πŸ™‚