My NMI Journey

What have I learned throughout my certificate journey?

Working With a Client & Team

For my capstone class, I was the point of contact between my team and our client. As a team, we designed a website, developed an app, created a cohesive brand identity, and presented our work at regular checkpoints.


I learned basic HTML and CSS and how to create and customize a CMS on Wordpress.


My coursework required me to learn Adobe products (Illustrator, InDesign, and Lightroom) and I applied the principles of good design to my work. I created a styleguide, product photos, logos, and magazine mockups. I enjoy typography and creating meaningful branding.

About Me

Christina Conner

Christina Conner

University of Georgia, Class of 2018 | Bachelor of Arts, Journalism

I want to teach the world to garden through existing and emerging forms of media.

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