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How To Be a Plant Geek Abroad

With everything going on in the world, gardening, tending to my plants, and digging in the soil has always kept me grounded (see what I did there?) As a self-professed plant geek and prone to plant hoarding back home, I regularly fight the urge to purchase plants whilst being a traveller. Clothes, shoes, and kitschy […]


Novel Coronavirus

Before I left the US, one of the scary recurring thoughts that I (a hypochondriac) had was: “what if a major health situation happens to me or a family member and I’m unable to return home in time?” I had no idea my thought would be realized in the form of a global pandemic named […]


One Year in Australia

It’s already been one year in Australia and it turns out, it’s not the end! As some of you know, I’ve extended my visa and am waiting to hear back from the Australian government. To recap the past year… I met smiley Quokkas in Perth, ate many Domino’s pizzas, spent lazy days at Cottesloe Beach, […]


Seven Things to do in Mission Beach

Mission Beach is a tiiiny town in Far North Queensland about a 2 hours’ drive from Cairns on Queensland’s “Cassowary Coast”. I spent 2 months in Mission for work, and fell in love with this tiny town with “nothing going on.” It may not be as glitzy as other east coast backpacker towns with clubs […]



Hey Yall! No, not y’all! Yallingup is a scenic countryside town in Australia’s southwest, also known as Yall or Yalls by locals. Yallingup, the “place of caves” is 160 miles south of Perth and is the perfect getaway, even in winter. In August, the countryside is still lush with grassy hills and canopies of trees […]


K’gari (Fraser Island)

Hello from Queensland, Australia! I left beautiful Fraser Island less than a week ago after volunteering for a month. Fraser is a remote island that is 76 miles wide, and 14 miles wide. It’s the world’s largest sand island, which is evidenced by the fact that sand will be in every single crevice of your […]


The Working Part of a Working Holiday: 6 Month Update

Hi everyone! Can you believe it’s been 6 months since I began this adventure?! It’s been a wild ride but I’m having a blast! I’ve had a variety of jobs in Australia. I worked in a restaurant, a hostel, checked people into a cruise ship, and in the Fremantle markets for a plant boutique. By […]


Ten Pros and Cons of Solo Travel

For some people, solo travel sounds scary, unthinkable, and at times-impossible, even insane. Especially as a young 24-year-old woman. It’s risky, gutsy, some say dangerous, and some may think lonely. But hello! We live in the 21st century! I got sick of waiting for someone who had the funds, time, and desire to go on […]


Fourth of July Banana Pudding

The fourth of July: a day best celebrated while floating down the Chattahoochee River, eating watermelon, risking third-degree burns from sparklers, and watching fireworks with your loved ones. On the fourth, we celebrate the USA’s independence from Great Britain and Congress’ approval of the Declaration of Independence. To commemorate Independence day, I decided to make […]